Streaming Video Audio to iOS Devices from PC/Mac Lively or on Demand

Do you have a large music library of MP3s on your computer?

Connect via WiFi to your Computer or media Drive and play your music files from your iPhone or iPad using MusicStreamer, rediscover your music today.

Create or import your Playlists, and cast your Music collection to Chromecast, AirPlay and Alexa Devices.


Use Apple Lightning EarPods with Reason

So, there’s a major problem with the iPhone 7. It’s not the fact that it doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack, the phone comes with an adapter and it comes with Lightning EarPods (EarPods with a lightning connector at the end). I love my Lightning Earpods. But the problem lies with the Lightning EarPods themselves. There are crap loads of adapters that go from 3.5mm to lighting, but zero adapters currently that go from lighting to 3.5mm.

Why would someone want this? Simple; to allow Lightning EarPods to be used with devices without lightning ports (currently only iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches can be used with Lightning EarPods, not even new Mac can). So I can’t use my Lightning EarPods with Reason on my Macbook or with Reason on my PC.

Now, normally the only headphones I’ll use with Reason are my Sony MDR-7506’s (same style as the ones I’ve been using for 10 years and still have in storage).

I've owned and USED these @Sony MDR-V600's #headphones for 13 astounding years. Still incredible. — Mixer Jaëxx (@MixerJaexx) September 5, 2014

But the reason I want to hear Reason through my Lightning EarPods is for the same reason I want to hear Reason through a smartphone speaker; for mixing and mastering. And, beyond manually rendering and transferring a wave file to my iPhone (yuck), I was out of luck. …Until Airfoil.

So not only can I hear what my mix sounds like live though Lightning EarPods and make adjustments instantly, but this enables me to also walk around and do other tasks to get a feel for the mix; to really listen to it, absentmindedly while doing other things, as people will be doing when listening with headphones plugged into their smartphone to make a better judgement on the audio.

Stream Video Music from HTPC to iPad iPhone over WiFi, 3G or 4G

Watch your HTPC video/music on iPad iPhone? Yes, Air Playit well serves the needs of people on business trip or commuting by streaming video music from HTPC to iPad iPhone.

Multiple music libraries

You can connect to multiple music libraries on many computers or drives. It’s easy to switch from your own music to your partner’s or a friend’s.

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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can rip DVD to digital

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can rip DVD to digital formats like MP4, H.264, AVI, WMV, MOV, backup DVD to a single MPEG2 file with no video/audio qulity sacrifice on Windows (10) PC/Mac. So that you can stream DVD movie to iPhone/iPad/TV with Air Playit perfectly.

For Windows For Mac

Part 5. How to Save MP3 to iPhone with Dropbox

It’s undeniable that cloud storage services are more and more popular. Such services not only allow you to enjoy music without downloading the files to save your device space by providing music streaming services but also enable you to share files across your devices. Thus, using cloud-based services like Dropbox, Amazon Music, Google Play Music could also help you transfer MP3 or other files to your iPhone from another device, be it a computer or mobile device. Let’s take using Dropbox as an example:

To add music to iPhone with Dropbox:

Step 1. Download and install Dropbox on both of your devices and sign in with the same account.

Step 2. Upload the MP3 files to Dropbox from the source device.

Step 3. Open Dropbox on your iPhone and you will see the items you uploaded. You can access and download them to your iPhone according to your needs.

Using Airfoil to stream from Propellerhead Reason to mobile devices

1 First, I recommend closing down Reason if it’s running (making sure to force quit it if you’re on Macs).

2 Download the trial version Airfoil (for Windows and for Mac) and install the sucker.

3 Then, on your device you want to hear Reason through (such as an iPhone), download and install Airfoil Satellite (scroll down this page for the Airfoil Satellite links).

4 Open Airfoil on your Reason computer (don’t open Airfoil Satellite). Then open Reason, go to (Windows Edit-Preferences / Mac Reason-Preferences)  and click on the Audio tab. For Mac users, select your default sound card. For Windows users, it seems like only the DX version of your sound card will work. ASIO drivers are better to use as they have less latency, but DX is the only one that worked for Windows with Airfoil for me (you can always change back to your ASIO driver when not using Airfoil). Then close the preferences window.

5 On Airfoil running on your Reason computer, go to into the Preferences menu (Airfoil-Preferences) and under “Play Local Audio Through”, select the same source that Reason is configured to use and close the preferences window.

6 Now, hit the source drop down select Reason (you may need to play audio in Reason first if it doesn’t appear). Windows users, you should have Resason already in the list. Mac users, you’ll likely have to manually select the Reason application (Applications folder, Reason folder, Reason program). Then, Mac users, you may need to play audio through Reason; Airfoil will tell you it needs to reset Reason and then it should be ready.

7 Now, play something in Reason. (Hit the speaker icon button for your computer Reason is playing on if you want the speakers on your computer to also play the audio.)

8 Open Airfoil Satellite on the device you want to stream (make sure you’re on the same wifi). In my scenario, this is what I’ve done. Reason is playing and the audio can be heard through the Neocomp (my windows desktop) and the Neocell 7 (my iPhone 7). You can tell because of the blue speaker icons.

Part 1. How to transfer music from computer to iPhone including iPhone 12 using iTunes

If you are a fan of any iOS device or a regular user, you are well known for iTunes. It’s an official solution to manage iPhone and developed by Apple. Adding music to your iPhone by using iTunes can be a little complicated process but you can just sync your iPhone with iTunes library if you already have your music in it. If you haven’t already added your music in your iTunes library then you need to add them manually. Just follow the process to learn how to transfer songs from pc to iPhone by using iTunes.

Step 1. First, you need to download, install, and run the latest version of iTunes on your computer and also connect your iPhone to your PC. Check if the program is properly installed or not and also check if your iPhone is successfully connected to your PC or not.

Step 2. If you don’t have any music added to your iTunes library then you can easily add them from the “File” option and then choose the “Add File to Library” option. You can choose any song you want or an entire folder after a new window of iTunes pops up in front of you. This is a very good option if you have a huge collection of songs in an entire folder. All you need to do is choose the folder option and the songs will be automatically added.

Step 3. Now you can easily add music to your iPhon

Step 3. Now you can easily add music to your iPhone from iTunes. You need to select your iPhone from the device icon of iTunes and then tap on the “Music” tab on the left side.

Step 4. You need to enable the “Sync Music” option. This will sync selected music files, albums, genres, or playlists on your iPhone. In the end, click the “Apply” button to save the changes. Now everything is done according to the plan.

Part 3. How to Put MP3 on iPhone with Music App on Mac

For Mac users, they have an additional transfer solution – that is to use the Music app for Mac to copy music from Mac to your iPhone. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you don’t need to sync music manually as this can be done automatically through iCloud. 

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the Mac and launch Apple Music.

Step 2. Unlock the iPhone and trust the computer.

Step 3. Make sure your iPhone is recognized by the Mac. Afterward, go to the “Songs” tab in Apple Music.

Step 4. Select the MP3 files you want to put on your iPhone. Then drag and drop the items onto your iOS device.

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