The 10 Online Dating Texting Rules for more matches and dates

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Rule #2: Be a smart gentleman

Is it a good idea to compliment a woman while online dating or not?

Spoiler: It is if you know how to do it right.

There’s one thing you should consider:

If you want to butter up your adored one, just give her compliments for character traits or things she has worked for

  • Her personality
  • Her status in her job
  • Her way of thinking

With this simple tip alone, you can stand out from the masses of guys who only suck up to her because of her stunning beauty and her attractive body.

She has been hearing/ reading these superficial compliments all day anyway, and therefore they don’t trigger any strong emotional reaction in her anymore.

Imagine you would get all day long, only compliments for having a penis hanging on you. You would also feel stupid at some point – as if your penis is the only thing that matters.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that you can never compliment her on her appearance.

But compliments to her personality will always evoke stronger emotions in her than something superficial that she never had to do anything for.

Suppose she texts you something you think is funny or sends you a funny picture. Then answer like this:

I like your sense of humor. I can work with that.

Or she texts you about her successes on her job, then answer her like this:

I can appreciate that. I like ambitious women.

But enough sweet talk, for now, we still have a lot to talk about.

9. Listen To Their Voice

People will reveal a lot about themselves by not only what they say, but how they say it. Some people connect better when you speak loud and fast, while others prefer to be communicated to in a softer tone — know your audience.

18. Above all: do not text while driving

This is the biggest rule. Please. Please please, don’t do it.

Have any rules to add? Comment and let us know!

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#10 Think of her as a vegetarian

I’m going to keep this SHORT.

Because it shouldn’t need much explanation.

Think of her as a vegetarian. That means:

Keep your meat to yourself.

Your sausage. Your shlong. Your snake. Your donger. Your fleshflute.

Don’t ever send her a dickpic without her asking for it or without being in the middle of ultra spicy sexting. And even then, showing your battering-ram can take away a lot of the magic. Depending on how visual the lady concerned is. But that’s something for a whooooooole ‘nother kind of article.

Tips For Keeping Work Texts Professional

Bringing it back full circle, we’ll close with some final helpful hints for finding the right voice in your professional texts. Our biggest piece of advice is, even though texting may feel casual, you always want to keep professional text messages formal. That means including your name, proper salutations, and proper regards.

Other tips for keeping work texts professional include:

  • Securing permission before sending your text (in the case of client or customer communication, this is oftentimes a legal requirement and not just a courtesy).
  • Don’t text about anything non-work related. Especially another employee/client’s performance or appearance. Stay focused on your topic.
  • Do not use texting as a platform for negotiating things like salary.
  • Avoid racially or sexually charged topics entirely.
  • Do not respond to or engage with an inappropriate text. Instead, speak directly with the responsible party or a supervisor to deal with the situation.
  • Utilize a text marketing platform (like SimpleTexting) in order to ensure records are kept of all text communications.

If you have any questions about how a platform like us can help you introduce and facilitate a professional text message program within your organization, reach out. We’ve seen plenty of success across industries, and we’d be happy to help you realize your internal and external communication goals.

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#15 NEVER use these emojis

As a man, never use this emoji:

A favorite among cutesy girls. This emoji reeks of

A favorite among cutesy girls. This emoji reeks of girlishness and that’s exactly why you are NOT allowed to use it.

Unless if you’re role-playing anything female.

But then again there’s never a good excuse to role-play.

Unless if it ends in you and her doing all sorts of kinky stuff.

Anyway, don’t use that emoji of the monkey covering its eyes.

Also, don’t use these emojis:

Holy Tip:

Only use emojis when they are absolutel

Holy Tip:

Only use emojis when they are absolutely crucial for your text. If the text carries the same meaning without the emoji, then leave it out.

There are other sorts of images that you ARE allowed to use to your heart’s content. Let’s cover those in the next tip.

12. Is this a new relationship?

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    The BEST Relationship Advice You’ll Ever Hear

    By the time you become official, says Palmer, you’ll have some sense of your S.O.’s texting preferences and they’ll have a pretty good idea of yours. So if you’d normally send them a few texts throughout the day, keep it going.

    “The way couples communicate is specific to the people in the relationship,” according to Palmer, “and every relationship is slightly different.” Some people might want to receive both good morning and good night texts even on days they see each other, and others might find all the texting overbearing. The safest bet is to do what feels right to you while considering what your partner would like to receive, too.

    And if you’re not sure, ask, says Palmer. Yeah, the question might sound weird, but relationships get weird sometimes. Try: “Hey, I sent you a few texts today and you were slow to respond. Were they distracting to you at work? Would you prefer if I kept my texts to the essentials?” Or: “Hey, I’d love to hear from you a little more during the day, just so I know I’m on your mind.”

    13. Have you recently fought?

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      Even if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, your best bet is to wait until the waters between you two have calmed. That way, you’ll both be more receptive to the other’s explanation for why each of you were hurt.

      Then there’s the matter of apologizing or addressing the argument from a distance. In these cases, a face-to-face conversation is your best bet because you have the added bonuses of body language to get your point across (not to mention, get a better read on their reaction), says Spector.

      But if you’re worried about the discussion escalating into another argument, Spector says texting is okay. Just choose your words carefully. That’s the beauty of a text… you can take your time to curate the perfect message.

      Her post-argument text formula? First, explain what made you upset, and then take ownership for your part in the argument, she says. Try something like this: “About that fight yesterday…I had a tough time with the joke you made. I didn’t think it was funny and it hurt my feelings. I’m sorry, though, for raising my voice.”

      2. Avoid serious topics

      You wouldn’t break up with your girlfriend over a text message — to be clear, you should not — and the same goes for business. Never give negative feedback or fire someone via a text message. Any serious conversation should take place face-to-face. It allows for subtle interaction through facial expressions and will ensure clear communication.

      3. How often is too often for a girl to text “just to say hey”?

      According to Braden, 20, “more than once a day is too often,” while Cameron, 23, says texting “just to say hey” is “always fine.” Nate, 30, agrees that the text conversation should be “open-ended to keep the conversation flowing.”

      Ben, 27, wants a more creative conversation starter. “If you are actively pursuing someone, you better come up with something better than ‘hey’ or you will lose their interest,” he cautions. But don’t underestimate the guy’s ability to play hard to get: “However, if I know someone is interested in me, and maybe I’m playing hard to get, just saying ‘hey’ after a lull in conversation can let them know that I’m still interested, but still give me the control.”

      More Tips On How To Get The Girl

      Here are a few more texting tips to help you bring your A-game the next time you send a love note for your belle.

      1. There’s nothing like waking up to a sweet text message. Start her day right with these good morning texts for her. They’ll keep her smiling all day long, that’s for sure.
      2. Are you lost in thought? At a loss for words? I got you, bro. Never stress about breaking the ice with these text conversation starters.
      3. Okay, so you got her number. But can you flirt? If you’re unsure, then you probably can’t. These flirty texts for her can make any girl swoon.

      Texting Slang and Abbreviations

      Here are some of the most common texting slang phrases and abbreviations, organized into categories.

      Common Slang:

      afaikAs far as I know. Ex. afaik the paper hasn’t come in yet.

      btwBy the way. Ex: btw I saw your post! Looks fun!

      bcBecause. Sometimes this is spelled with a slash, like "b/c". Ex. I’m asking bc I don’t know if it’s a good idea

      CyaSee you. This is another way to say goodbye. Ex. cya later!

      K/kkOkay, or another way of saying "yes." However, be careful. Sometimes only texting "k" can come off as rude or short. Ex. k I’ll get it done soon.

      dmDirect message. This is most commonly associated when someone messages you privately, usually with Instagram. Ex. he dm’d me to ask if I knew his brother

      fwiwFor what it’s worth. When we want to express our opinion in a humble way, we type this slang phrase. Ex. fwiw I think you should buy it.

      hbuHow about you? A short way of asking someone the same question. Ex. Person 1: How are you? Person 2: Oh, I’m fine, hbu?

      idkI don’t know. Ex. Idk if I’ll go anymore.

      idcI don’t care. Ex. idc about finishing that book anymore

      ifykykIf you know, you know. People, especially teens, say ifykyk for jokes or ideas that you would only get if you’re "in" the group. Ex. i’m never wearing blue pants again ifykyk

      imo/imhoIn my opinion/in my honest (or humble) opinion. When we want to be direct and honest, we type this. Ex. imo the green one is better than the purple.

      irlIn real life. Gamers use this often to indicate when they mean something offline, in the real world. Ex. have you met any of your online friends irl?

      jkJust kidding. We say this when we want to be clear we’re not serious. Ex. you’re so mean! jk jk

      lmkLet me know. Ex. lmk if you can come tonight!

      lolLaugh out loud. One of the oldest and most popular slang terms! Ex. lol that’s so funny!

      lbrLet’s be real. We say this abbreviation when we want to be serious or honest. Here, "real" means straight-forward. Ex. lbr she’s probably not going to come

      mrwMy reaction when. This one is most often seen on memes or reaction images, usually indicating a strong emotion in response to something. Ex. mrw when my teacher tells me there’s no homework

      nbdNo big deal. We say this when something is not troublesome or an issue. Ex. oh the party’s tonight and not tomorrow? nbd I don’t have plans today either

      nglNot gonna lie. This is good for when you want to be honest. Ex. ngl I thought the food wasn’t good

      npNo problem. Many people type this instead of "you’re welcome." Ex. np, it was easy to help out!

      nsfwNot safe for work. This abbreviation labels anything that might be innapropriate for a workplace. Ex. I had to wait to watch the new Lil Nas X music video because it was nsfw

      nvmNever mind. This means to ignore or forget about something just said. Ex. nvm I figured it out

      omg/omfgOh my god, or oh my fing god. This is an exclamation of shock or emotion. The latter version is a strong curse so be careful if using it. Ex. omg you’ll never believe what I just bought!

      omwOn my way. Ex. leaving work now. omw!

      pmPrivate message. PM is the same thing as DM, but more commonly on Facebook or other social media. Ex. I sent you a PM!

      pplPeople. Ex. there’s too many ppl here

      rnRight now. Ex. I can’t call you rn, I’ll call after class.

      sus – This means "suspicious." It has been around for a while, but it’s most popularly popular on the the mafia-like online game, Among Us. Ex. idk you seem sus

      srslySeriously Ex. srlsy?? that’s so rude

      srySorry Ex. sry i didn’t see this till now

      tbhTo be honest. Similar to ngl, we type this when revealing your true opinion. Ex. tbh I didn’t think it was that good

      thxThanks. This is a casual way of saying thank you, so be careful to use it for only small or casual things. Ex. thx for telling me

      tmiToo much information. When someone tells you something unpleasant or too personal, you say tmi. Ex. Wow tmi I didn’t want to know that.

      ttylTalk to you later. Ex. My meeting’s soon, ttyl!

      wtfWhat the f…. It indicates shock, anger or displeasure. This is a strong curse so be careful when using! Ex. wtf that’s so weird!

      Romantic/Dating Slang:

      baeBefore anyone else. English texters might call their partner bae. This has been around for a few years, so it’s not the "freshest" word anymore. Ex. That’s my bae

      bf/gfBoyfriend, girlfriend. Ex. Do you have a bf?

      ilyI love you. Ex. Goodnight ily!

      ilysm – *I love you so much. * Ex. You’re the best, ilsym!

      SOSignificant other. Serious couples who may or may not be married use this. Ex. My SO is a senior consultant at the company.

      Business/marketing Slang Phrases

      The business world prefers slightly different kinds of abbreviations. These below terms are all popular in professional relationships. Remember these texting etiquette rules in any work conversation!

      ASAPAs soon as possible. Ex. Please get the report to me ASAP!

      COBClose of business. This refers to business working hours. Ex. Please send it out by COB.

      FYIFor your information. This is best used for sharing information that you assume the other person does not know. Ex. FYI the client needs a copy of the transcript.

      FTFYFixed that for you. We say this when we correct someone else’s work. Saying this with a superior or in an inappropriate situation might come off rude, so be careful. Ex. I saw a typo on the report. FTFY

      TBATo be announced. Ex. Meeting time TBA

      TBCTo be continued. Ex. The brainstorm about next month’s event is TBC.

      TBDTo be determined. Ex. Location of the company picnic is TBD.

      WFHWork from home. Ex. We were WFH all last year and most of this year too.

      TYTTake your time. Ex. Just saw this. TYT on the project!

      Purposeful Misspellings:

      cuz – cause

      gud – good

      sux – sucks

      ur – your or you’re

      wut/wot – what

      y – why

      3. Have you recently gone out on a date with them?

        Yeah? Then definitely send the text. The best way in, says Ann Rosen Spector, PhD, a psychologist in Philadelphia, is to bring up something you talked about during your date. Say they mentioned a movie they’re super into and you catch a trailer for the director’s next film—send them something like: “Hey, I just saw the trailer for [director’s name here]’s new movie. I can see why you’re into her stuff. If you’re free, want to watch it with me next Thursday?”

        Or, if nothing really stood out (are you sure you want to go on a second date?), send a thank you for a nice time and suggest something the two of you can do in the future.

        “Should I text him?” isn’t the only question you’ll ask when it comes to dating. All the answers to your burning q’s, here:

        4. Do you want to ask them out?

        All together now: Text them! Text them! Text them!

        How you ask them out is totally up to you, says Beverly Palmer, PhD, clinical psychologist, professor emeritus at California State University, Dominguez Hills, and author of Love Demystified.

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        But if making a move digitally is more your speed, tell them you’ve been interested in spending one-on-one time with them and were wondering when they had some free time to grab a drink. When they say yes (because who wouldn’t want to go out with you?), propose a time and place and lock it in.

        If on the off-chance they’re not interested, it’s okay to let it sting for a bit…then on to the next.

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