Top 8 Places To Find The Best New House Music Songs


Best For: Current top hits
 Formats: Stream, radi

Best For: Current top hitsFormats: Stream, radioPlatforms: App (iOS and Android), websiteAverage App Rating: 4.5

Pandora is a popular internet radio service that lets users create personalized stations and listen to trending music. To use Pandora, you will have to create an account using your email address and a password. While there are paid memberships available, you can sign up for free to stream music. 

Once you’ve logged in, you can search for songs and artists or click on “Browse” to check out popular stations. As you find music you like, you can save songs to your collection and build personalized playlists based on specific songs/artists.

Unfortunately, the free version of Pandora does include advertisements and puts a limit on how many times you can skip songs. And you can’t download any specific tracks to your computer or phone. Still, this is one of the best resources available for listening to popular licensed music — completely free. 



  • Instantly stream and save popular songs that you already know.
  • Find similar music based on your choices.
  • See lyrics for most songs.

Cons: The free account includes advertisements.There is a limit to how many times you can skip songs each day.Some tracks aren’t available for on-demand streaming.


I don’t read that many review sites, but if one is my go-to it’s Angrymetalguy. It’s not only because and pushed the “Contemplations” album a lot. I do feel that the reviews go in depth, and Angrymetalguy really takes on many different styles of metal music.

I’ve found quite a lot of unknown bands on the site while browsing reviews, especially the many albums of the month breakdowns. The one I’m linking to got me Ashbringer, a really good atmospheric black metal band. Highly recommended!


No-Commercial Radio: Dash Radio

What We Like
  • Premium radio with no commercials.

  • Stream radio stations online.

  • Mobile apps to listen to the radio on the go.

  • Clean and clutter-free website design.

  • Multiple ways to find new radio stations.

What We Don’t Like A limited selection of genres. Some genres have only a couple of stations.

Dash Radio is another internet radio website where you can stream free music. It’s advertised as free, premium radio without commercials.

There are dozens of stations in several genres, and you can easily locate lyrics to what’s playing right now.

Apps for Dash Radio are available for Android and iOS.

Visit Dash Radio for Free Music

15. Free Music Archive

Pricing:Pricing: Free

Free Music Archive pretty much does what the title implies – allowing you to access a huge library of background music free of charge. The website stands out in terms of the diversity of its background music, as it’s one of the only few platforms where you can find the ‘Spoken Word’ genre.

Free Music Archive pre-clears all tracks uploaded to its platform and removes any copyright strings attached to them. You can either choose from the ‘Public Domain’ or ‘Creative Commons’ category.


I’m not a fan of Spotify, but like on, there’s a pretty cool generated similar artists function. Another good thing is the many playlists, especially the ones made by users.

Stream Music Ad-Free Every Day: AccuRadio

What We Like
  • Skip songs an unlimited number of times.

  • A different genre has commercial-free music every day.

  • A user account isn’t required.

  • Unique genres.

What We Don’t Like Supported by advertisements on most days.

AccuRadio is like other online radio services on this list. Browse for a station by genre, or have them pick a random one if you’re not sure what you want to listen to. You can also view the most popular music for inspiration. There are a handful of mobile apps so that you can listen on multiple devices.

Sign up for a free user account to hear fewer commercials, customize your channel to suit your tastes, and save channels as favorites. On certain days, you can listen with zero commercials without a paid account.

Some of the interesting genres available here include beautiful music, Canadian, love songs, opera, movie & TV music, and Nordic folk songs. If you make a free account, you can even blend channels together for a unique mix.

Visit AccuRadio for Free Music


Best For: Finding new independent music

Best For: Finding new independent musicFormats: Stream, download, radioPlatforms: App (iOS and Android), websiteAverage App Rating: 2.7

Jamendo offers a variety of independent music and several ways to listen. You can search for songs, artists or keywords from the home page, check out featured tracks in any genre, explore music communities or listen to a mood-specific radio station. When I visited the website, I saw a big focus on pop, rock, electronic, hip-hop and indie music. 

Jamendo is available as an app or online, but the app doesn’t get great ratings on the App Store or on Google Play. Still, the website is easy to use, and you don’t have to create an account to stream music. 

When you first visit the website, you may be asked to choose between Jamendo Music, Jamendo Licensing or join as an artist. Jamendo Music is what most listeners should select. From there, you can browse through the selection of independent music, stream music online and download the songs you love. You can create a free account to create playlists, follow artists and more. 


  • The website is user friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Great selection of independent music and upcoming artists
  • You don’t need an account to stream music online.

Cons: You’ll need to create an account to download music.The app has low ratings for usability and technical issues.

Congrats! You’re A Music-Finding Pro!

So that just about covers everything you need to know about how to find new music. I know it was a pretty hefty post but hopefully, you feel like you know exactly how to discover some new music to listen to and WHERE to look for it! Do you have any other ideas of where to find new music? Have you got specific sources that you read to keep up to date with the latest tunes? Send them my way.

If you enjoyed reading then make sure to share the post on socials (via the little share bar on the right) and tag me in it! I’d love to chat with you about your own music discovery journey. And if you’re looking for even more music content to read then why not sign-up to my blog newsletter

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Find New Music: Listen To The Radio

I feel like the radio is something that the younger generation just isn’t that into. And I have absolutely no idea why. Radio stations are one of the most amazing ways to discover music but I feel like we all completely overlook it as a resource.

Sometimes you just really can’t be bothered doing the research when it comes to discovering music…you just want to listen without having to search for music. Which is where radio comes in. On the days where you really don’t feel like reading reviews, blog posts and searching Spotify playlists for music, it’s so much easier to just pop the radio on.

Photography by Zui Hoang via Unsplash.
Photography by Zui Hoang via Unsplash.

A Few UK Stations To Check Out

Remember at the beginning when I mentioned that you should start by figuring out WHAT music you wanted to discover. This is where that really comes in handy. Because depending on what music you’re looking for, you’ll want to choose the right radio station to tune into.

For example, in the UK BBC Radio 1 is the one you want (excuse the pun) for all things chart and popular music. We’re talking the UK top 4o, new releases from the big names in popular music and just that whole general vibe. BBC Radio 2 is more of a mix of older tunes from the pre-’00s, as well as some new hits that maybe aren’t necessarily full pop tunes. And then my personal favourite, BBC Radio 6, which focuses on more alternative music and, in my opinion, is the ultimate station to discover loads of new musicians. The Steve Lamacq show is probably my favourite on the station and it’s on every day from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm (UK time).

Of course, there are plenty of other radio stations out there e.g. Absolute 80s, Capital FM etc. But as a general rule, I’d say stay away from stations that have a repeated playlist. Have you ever listened to a radio station that just plays the same playlist of songs every day? Honestly, it’s the most frustrating thing.

Photography by John Mark Arnold via Unsplash.
Photography by John Mark Arnold via Unsplash.

Music review sites

There are stacks of online music review sites that have a lot of information about new music, as well as reviews on some of the classics. Some music review sites let your average Joe’s give their opinion and review music, while others are done by professionals in the industry.

Each review site has their own individual way of reviewing music, so if you think you’ve found a tune that has tickled your fancy, then check around on other review sites to see what they have to say. However, it is still important to note that these are just other people’s opinion and you can make your own judgment call on the artist or song.

How to Find New Music on Amazon Music

Amazon Music logo
Amazon Music logo

While Amazon Music may be less popular than Spotify or Apple Music, (check out our Amazon Music vs Spotify comparison) it is also a great platform for finding new music. It comes with a prime and unlimited plan with more than 60 million songs in its catalog.

What’s more, it’s integrated with Alexa, so you can use voice commands to control your listening experience on the app. Amazon Music then relies on Alexa to remember your song preferences so the algorithm can come up with the best song recommendations for you.

When it comes to music discovery, Amazon Music lets you explore the platform by giving you access to new songs and artists straight from its home page. It’s also not intrusive, so if you don’t want to explore, you can just stick to your saved videos on the library tab.

While Amazon Music may not have an extended curated playlist, the algorithm creates mini-recommendations that could help you discover new music.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the features that can help you find new music:

Songs for You

The homepage includes music recommendations based on your past listening habits. This section is divided into Songs for You, Albums for You, Stations for You, and Playlists for you.

New releases

Head to Find and search for New releases. Here, you will find all the recently released songs, albums, and playlists, which you can sort by genre. You can check this page at least once a day to find something new.

Related artists

If you scroll down the profile page of your favorite artist, you will see a Related Artist section that helps you discover new artists. It displays other artists that have the same musical style as the one you selected.

Check out our comprehensive Amazon Music review to find out more about its additional features.

Movies and TV shows

New music doesn’t always get found when you are avidly searching for it, even watching a movie or TV show will help you find some new tunes you didn’t even know you were looking for. Again this is where an app like Shazam comes in, hopefully you’ll be able to Shazam the song quick enough or have the ability to pause and rewind to capture enough of the song for Shazam to get a hit.

Lots of blockbuster movies are known to have blockbuster music so make sure you keep a listen out for them. There is certainly more music in movies especially then you think there is, so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to find a good new song.

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Other Ways to Find New Music

Girl scrolling for new music
Girl scrolling for new music

While music streaming services may be the top option nowadays in finding new music, they’re not the only one. In fact, trying out other ways can help you find more music that may be outside what you’d normally listen to.

“An artist you like can pull its music catalog from the service. … The music isn’t yours forever.” — Andy Greene, Rolling Stone magazine

With that in mind, here are a few other ways to find new music:

Social media

You could discover new music on your timeline. Pay attention to artists that have a huge following on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. They are likely to have gone viral for their talent. You can also check out the type of songs that your friends are sharing or recommending.

Live shows

Go to live shows or concerts where you don’t recognize the artists on the bill, or at least have one familiar artist so you can be drawn to the show. Look out for opening acts for your favorite band since there may be a good reason why they were included in the show.

Remember, having an open mind is the key to finding new music. Also, don’t forget to use Shazam. It’s an app that helps you identify the songs playing around you.

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