What are the best ways to get naturally high?

Know What’s Competitive

How much should you earn on your savings? There’s a wide discrepancy between how much certain banks pay.

Average vs. competitiveFDIC reports that the average rate is roughly 0.06% APY, but that’s hardly competitive. Some online banks, like MySavingsDirect, pay as much as .25 percent with no minimum balance requirement. Many others pay more than the FDIC-listed average.

With a feel for the high and low-end of rates, you can find the best account by comparing banks that do what you need. You don’t necessarily have to earn the best savings rates in the nation — rates change regularly, and a slightly higher rate might make little difference unless you have significant assets, but it’s nice to earn a competitive rate.


3. Find Out How Many Calories You Must Consume

First, you need to figure out your optimal calorie intake that will help you lose weight. Then, you must create a calorie deficit in order to shed those extra pounds. To calculate the number of calories you should be consuming, you can use an online tool, app or calculator. This method offers a quick response and it is easy to use. However, the results are based solely on general guidelines. Another way you could try is by keeping a pre-diet journal to evaluate how many calories you currently consume. Although it is an inexpensive method to count your calorie intake, this method is also time-consuming. Therefore, I recommend you three other alternatives that will provide you with more accurate results:

  • Performing a metabolic test – you will get personalized results but this is an expensive option;
  • Use an activity monitor – I’m talking about high-tech journals. These devices don’t just collect information but they also interpret a wide range of data. You can do this on both your computer and smartphone. It is highly convenient and returns numerous different variables. On the other hand, these gadgets can be pretty expensive and not all of them keep track of your food intake;
  • Make an appointment with a certified dietitian – this is probably the best method to kick-start a diet because a professional will tell you exactly how much you need to eat in order to lose weight, how to properly size your portions along with plenty of other valuable insights. Specialists will also establish the proportion of protein, carbs, and fat that you need to include in your meals. It is a professional, personalized, and face-to-face approach but, unfortunately, it can be costly if you’re not covered by insurance.

9. Low Level Map Farming

Guide for map efficiency. 

Low level map farming is a technique that arose out of a difficulty sustaining maps. Map drops can be hard to come by at higher levels, and sustaining t10+ can be a bit difficult for a newer player. A way to still gain good experience while having difficulty acquiring high level maps, is to roll and run the highest level map that you are easily sustaining. This is also a good strategy for players who are having difficulty clearing higher tier maps quickly, as lowering the tier can increase exp gained simply due to a decrease in run time. For players running t16s comfortably but not sustaining well, I would recommend not dropping below t8-10 maps if possible. 

The ideal way to do this is to quad sextant the region of the Atlas that you are going to run maps from. This will add map modifications and increase the pack density in all maps of that region. You will want to pick an area with easy-to-run or linear map patterns so that the layout doesn’t impact your running speed. 

When looking for the best map mods,  Beyond is the best for exp, with Bloodlines falling slightly behind. Beyond will increase monster density, and Bloodlines will make more packs spawn at a higher level (magic instead of normal). Since exp gained is specific to each monster killed, the more the better and the more magic packs the better. 

Alternatively, you can just take a bunch of maps of the tier and region you are running and simply use Orbs of alchemy and run through them(just pick out/reroll the reflect mods if you can’t run them). Forcing delirium or breaches into your maps through the map device will also increase exp per map and per hour, as each of these encounters spawn mobs at relatively high densities. 

This method should be fairly cheap compared to some of the other options, and since the maps are lower level you should go through them easily and quickly. Additionally, low level map farming is great for players who are consistently dying (in softcore) or feel there is too much risk in higher tier maps. Running low tier maps  gives you a chance to farm levels and currency which can be used to improve damage and survivability through the skill tree or gear upgrades. Don’t forget to force your masters into maps too, as running their encounters can add experience in addition to loot. 

5. Use the 80/20 rule

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Another way to prioritize tasks comes from the 80/20 principle.

Discovered by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, the 80/20 rule (also called the Pareto Principle) states that, in any pursuit, 80% of the results will come from 20% of the efforts.

To maximize efficiency, highly productive people identify the most important 20% of their work. Then, they look at ways to cut down the other 80% of their schedule, to find more time for the things that make the biggest impact.

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #19

A new year, a new(ish) name, but we’re maintaining that same pressure. The Cop List is back to sus through the smoke and let you know which hype is real. This month featuring the world’s first legal Cross Joint, a new way to grind your greens, and as always, the latest dank.

17. Manage your energy (not just time)

Productivity tip – manage your energy, not just your time Tweet this!

Time management is a huge part of productivity. Many of the productivity habits on this list will help you manage your time more effectively.

But just as important — and often overlooked — is energy management.

If you are exhausted and can barely think, it does

If you are exhausted and can barely think, it doesn’t matter how many hours are left in the day. You won’t be able to use them productively.

This is the logic of tackling difficult tasks early in the day — by using your peak hours efficiently, you can get more done in less time before you get tired. Jason Fried, founder and CEO of Basecamp, says that:

“While people often say there’s not enough time, remember that you’ll always have less attention than time.”

Highly productive people know that it isn’t enough to have time to do things. Managing your energy — to ensure that you tackle the most intense tasks while you have the energy to handle them — is an important trick to becoming productive.

5. Coward’s Trial

Coward’s Trial gameplay and exp per hour. 

Coward’s Trial is a unique variation of the Cursed Crypt Map and is a major contender for exp farmers. Upon entering the map you will go into an arena. While in the arena, you will be assaulted by waves of enemy mobs. Once the wave is clear, you will move on by clicking on a staircase that will lead you to the next level where you rinse and repeat. The map can roll 0-7 additional waves as well, which allows for even more exp per map. 

One reason this map is popular for leveling is because of the stationary aspect of it. Where in most maps you have to run through and clear, enabling packs to be spread out or hidden, in this map, provided you kill enemies quickly, you will progress quickly; everything occurs within a relatively contained space. 

Coward’s Trial is a t13 (level 80) or a t16 (level 83) map, placing it in a nice spot for players 75-90. Though, due to the confined nature, ease, and speed of clear, it also gives good experience through level 100 (somewhere around the 30M mark at level 98+). The map also tends to be run on rotations to account for cost, and doing so can help or hinder speed depending on the capabilities of other players. It will be just as good to run the map solo. 

Can You Smoke and Still Be Healthy?

Many health-conscious individuals often face the q

Many health-conscious individuals often face the question “Can you smoke weed and still be healthy?” The fact of the matter is that smoking is not healthy. Period. Burning any substance, be it cigarettes, cigars, leaves, flowers, blunts, or joints, and then inhaling the smoke causes harm to your body and negatively affects your lungs and circulatory system at the very least. 

College Students Holiday Gift Guide

Even starving college students need quality cannabis gear. This list provides a full range of must-haves for the most studious consumers on your holiday shopping list.

6. Learn to Motivate Yourself

There are two kinds of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. The second type is the one that’s sourced from external factors like your dietician saying you need to lose weight in order to improve your health or your wedding day approaching which makes you want to fit better in your special dress. On the other hand, intrinsic motivation comes from within. You can say you have the power to motivate yourself when you decide to exercise because through workouts you feel a sense of accomplishment. It is usually good to combine these two kinds of motivations, although, the inner one can have a much greater impact.

If you want to foster your internal motivation you need to establish short-term objectives, keep a journal, and acknowledge your success. Another way in which you can keep your motivation high is through rewards. So, remember to reward yourself every time you reach one of your mini-goals. Even if you fail to accomplish your targets sometimes, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Embrace the fact that failure is a part of life, learn from it, and move on. Other things like getting a diet buddy and tracking your meals will also help you stay motivated all the way.

Calculate Your Earnings

Calculate Your Earnings

Before you get too hung up on finding the best savings rates, determine how much you gain by earning more. With relatively small balances, a higher interest rate might not make a meaningful difference.

Example: Assume you keep $2,500 in your savings account. That’s a healthy balance, and you deserve to earn a competitive rate. After one year, how much will you earn in interest if your bank compounds interest monthly?

  • At 0.09 percent, you’d earn $2.25
  • At 0.50 percent, you’d earn $12.53
  • At 1.00 percent, you’d earn $25.11
  • At 2.25 percent, you’d earn $56.83

At what point does it make sense for you to move your account for a higher rate. Moving from 0.09 percent to 1 percent makes a difference of roughly $22. To earn that, you need to open a new account, you may need to switch banks, and the bank might pull your credit. For some people, it may be worth $22. For others, it’s not.

The additional earnings get more impressive with the following changes:

  1. Your account balance increases
  2. The length of time increases
  3. The difference between interest rates increases

To calculate for yourself, use a compound interest calculator with your financial details. Determine whether or not it makes sense to open a new account and move your savings.


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