What Is Mailbait Info?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does MailBait cost?

    MailBait is free.

  • How does MailBait work?

    MailBait uses visitor submitted information as an interactive computer service. MailBait visitors identify and catalog public web pages that may send an email when a web form is submitted. Using MailBait you can request that your email address be paired with these forms to get inbound email.

  • Who in their right mind would try to fill their inbox with email?

    MailBait users find many uses for inbound email. These can including testing your email server, verifying and training your spam filters, learning what other bulk email looks like, or finding something new to read. Because of the large volume of potential email, MailBait does not condone using other people’s email address with this service. Please treat other people’s email with respect and don’t sign them up for spam regardless of how much you think it would be funny.

  • Why do I have to allow popups to run MailBait?

    Other techniques like iframes aren’t as reliable and if the destination pages choose to rewrite the URL, you’d lose progress on MailBait.

  • Is my browser and IP information hidden from websites I submit my data to using MailBait?

    No. Your browser submitted data including referrer headers, and IP address are submitted with your requests.

  • Can I enter my primary email address into MailBait?

    Yes. You can use MailBait with any email address that is yours. It is recommended you create a separate email address to use with MailBait and then discontinue the email account when you are done reviewing the email. Some sources of email may continue to email addresses you’ve enter into MailBait even if you are no longer using MailBait.

  • Can I enter my personal information into MailBait?

    Yes, but hold up a second. While MailBait tends to work best if you have each field of information filled in, you are not required, or encouraged to enter personal information as MailBait has no idea how some websites use the information you submit. Consider using generic information perhaps from a fake name generator.

  • How do I remove my web form from being indexed by MailBait?

    MailBait uses visitor submitted information as an interactive computer service. This service is provided ‘as is’ with no warranty. If your website has been indexed by a visitor, and you wish visitors from MailBait to not interact with your page, you can change the page url, implement CAPTCHA, or implement a mechanism to reject form submissions from visitors that originate from MailBait.

  • Can I use MailBait if I’m younger then 18?

    No. If you are under 18 years of age you may not use MailBait. MailBait uses visitor submitted information as an interactive computer service. Because it is possible the submitted information can link to adult material, children may not use MailBait.

  • Can I enter another person’s email address or information into MailBait.

    No. You may not use MailBait if you are soliciting email through MailBait for an email address that is not yours.

  • Why build MailBait?

    A good tool to request lots of email from public sources did not exist.

  • Can I have a feature like [insert request here]?

    If you have a paid account or are on the mailing list with MailBait, your feedback may be requested on features you want. More features are planned.


Where can I report unwanted text messages?

If you get an unwanted text message, there are three ways to report it:

Report it on the messaging app you use. Look for the option to report junk or spam. How to report spam or junk in the Messages app. Copy the message and forward it to 7726 (SPAM). Report it to the Federal Trade Commission at ftc.gov/complaint.

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