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FAQs About Relaxation Massage

What is the difference between a relaxation massage and a deep tissue massage? A relaxation massage consists of very gentle strokes that aim to eliminate muscle tension and stress. Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, works on the deeper layers of muscle to release painful knots that restrict movement. What is the most relaxing massage? Although Swedish massage is the most popular type of relaxation massage, it cannot be dubbed the most relaxing because some people may prefer hot stone massage or aromatherapy massage. Any form of massage that can help alleviate stress and restore balance to the mind, body and emotions is no doubt the most relaxing massage. What is a full-body relaxation massage? Full-body massage is a type of massage that covers the entire body, including the neck, back, arms, hands, legs and feet. A full-body massage can be performed using an array of massage techniques.

15. Burmese Massage Therapy

Burmese massage is a strange combination of Thai, Chinese, and Indian styles of active medicine. It is a full-body massage that utilizes kneading, acupuncture, and kneading to release stress from the body. It aims to increase blood flow around tight muscles and joints, promote better skin quality, and improve sleep.

There are a few key movements that define the Burmese method from other massage therapies, including:

  • Using the elbow to apply accupressure
  • Gentle knocking of accupressure points, also using the elbows
  • Using the hands to knead tight muscles

Essentially, Burmese is a more ancient form of pressure point therapy, and therefore should only be used by those who are in pain due to tight muscles. Sessions can vary in length depending on the severity of tightness.


  • Burmese massage is a combination of Thai, Chinese, and Indian methodologies.
  • Burmese massage is a good option for those suffering from blood flow restriction and tight joints.


Just how much can a massage Price?

Prices differ for massages depending on the region.

Aromatherapy, hot stone, and prenatal massages have a tendency to be costlier than massages. Based upon the area, some specialization massages like deep tissue, Thaisports or sports massages can conduct somewhat higher.

You may have a look at a massage school in the region or get a massage therapist that works when you would like to discover massages at a much price that is cheaper.

7. Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy has many benefits, including:Craniosacral therapy is a gentle and non-invasive form of massage therapy that was developed in 1945. During a session, the client lays fully clothed upon the massage table while the therapist makes light contact with trigger point areas all along the body, though normally focusing on the head, torso, knees, and feet. This contact includes a combination of practices adopted from osteotherapy, bone-setting, and chiropractic work.

Craniosacral therapy has many benefits, including:

  • Alleviate chronic pain
  • Decrease headache and/or migraine severity
  • Decrease chronic fatigue
  • Decrease post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Decrease repercussions of trauma (any kind)
  • Post-surgical recovery

A session is meant to relax the patient into a state of sacral harmony. Nerve endings along the spinal cord are meant to work more harmoniously at the end of a session. In fact, some patients are so relaxed at the end of a craniosacral therapy session that they fall asleep or enter a dreamlike state.

Craniosacral therapy sessions also involve a lot of in-depth talking with your practitioner so that they can find the true source of your pain or discomfort. Sessions can last anywhere from one to two hours, and can be performed on any aged patient.


  • Craniosacral therapy is a good option for those suffering from injury recovery and/or trauma.
  • Craniosacral therapy utilizes the nerves within the spinal cord to release tension from the rest of the body via nerve signals.

4. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage uses tension compared to Swedish massage therapy. When you’ve got chronic muscle issues, such as nausea, harm, or imbalance, it’s really a fantastic alternative. It helps relieve stress, chronic muscle strain, as well as abdominal muscles.

  • You may be nude in this massage or put in your own underwear.
  • While deep tissue might be more intense, you should not feel some soreness or pain.
  • Deep tissue massage can be really a great choice for those who own plenty of muscle strain or chronic pain.
  • Prevent this kind of massage in the event you are too sensitive to anxiety.

Trigger-Point Massage

Like deep-tissue massage, trigger-point massage aims to dispel chronic tension located deep in the muscles. But while deep tissue is ideal for tension spread out over a large area, trigger point is better for pain that radiates from a very specific spot (or spots).

Benefits: Eases pain caused by sciatica, rotator cuff issues, stiff joints, plantar fasciitis, and other specific issues.

Try it if: you suffer from any of the above ailments AND you can handle some tough love (trigger point massage has a reputation for being a little painful).

Shop for trigger point massages near you.

What’s the proper massage etiquette?

If you’re not used to getting a massage, then the idea of taking off your clothes and having someone knead into your muscles probably sounds a little awkward. And while getting a massage is definitely your time to relax and focus on you, following a few key etiquette tips will help make the experience that much better.

  • Dress to your comfort level. Don’t feel like kicking off your knickers? Then don’t! Go with whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • Make sure you’ve showered that day. Nobody really enjoys touching someone who’s sweaty or dirty, even if it’s their job. Your massage therapist will thank you.
  • Talk to your practitioner. Namely, let them know if you have any injuries or conditions they should know about before starting the treatment.
  • Don’t talk to your practitioner. Only if you don’t want to, though—there’s no need to fill idle time with small talk if that’s not your thing.

Prenatal Massage

This massage style aims to relieve pregnancy pains for expecting mothers. Instead of lying on her back, the client will either recline on her side or use a massage table with a hole cut in it that allows her to recline on her stomach.

Benefits: Reduces pain brought on by pregnancy, and also may help with depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

Try it if: your pregnancy is causing you significant lower back pain (just make sure to check with your doctor first).

Read our guide to prenatal massage and other ways to beat pregnancy pains.

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Let the energy flow: restore inner balance and regain vitality


Among all the bodily benefits that massages can provide, we can also identify the release of the energy channels that flow through our body. Based on much research and studies, massages are able to improve our mood, our emotions and the functioning of many of our body areas.

A masseuse can release our emotions and rebalance our energy flow.

If you are pregnant

“Prenatal massage” is becoming increasingly popular with pregnant women.

Women are increasingly aware of the importance that this treatment can have during pregnancy. Our professional masseurs know the correct posture in which women can be and how to adapt massage techniques to the physical condition and gestation period of the woman.

Prenatal is considered one of the most popular and useful massages for reducing stress, inflammation, pain, anxiety, and depression. The massage sessions are personalized and adapted to the mother’s needs.


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