Why LinkedIn's New Resume Builder Is A Waste Of Your Time

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Your LinkedIn-generated Resume uses fairly attractive formatting but now your resume will look just like everyone elses document

If you’re a novice in using Microsoft Word or other tools, you’ll be grateful to see your resume information populated very quickly by LinkedIn.

The PDF tool shows a dark-shaded column to the left, which contains your contact details, links to your websites, 3 top skills, certifications, honors, and publications. Your Experience section will show the details of your work history, with indents under each employer and job entry.

However, your resume is a business presentation and the format of your resume DOES matter. Why use a format that fails to distinguish you from other candidates?

Even the placement of key information and the font chosen can make a distinct difference in how employers react when they read it (which is why most resume experts advise against using Comic Sans).

Still unconvinced that layout matters? This resume eye-tracking study published in 2018 shows why a clean, clear format is essential.

Benefits of Working With Us

The main task of the Skillroads LinkedIn writing service is to show your personality, give a brief bio, but highlight the most important traits for an employer. We will help you tell the audience about yourself and your projects.

Thus, we create your personal brand, which can become a universal key for self-realization. Personal brand management is becoming especially relevant. Our writers thoroughly know all the intricacies of creating a profile that will increase recruiters’ interest in you.

To build a successful LinkedIn profile, we optimize it with keywords and action verbs to help you show up for queries requested by headhunters. Thanks to our work, you will definitely stand out among other candidates. Our writers create a positive experience by starting with a personalized headline that takes you to the first search pages. Next, we complement this with an effective summary to show your personality. And, in the end, we reveal you as a professional, describing not only your work experience with responsibilities but also your achievements.

What to adjust when creating a resume from your LinkedIn profile

If you decide to create your resume via LinkedIn or with importing your LinkedIn data into a dedicated resume builder, here’s how to edit it:

  • Keep it short: Even though your LinkedIn profile allows you to have a whole career history, on your resume, you typically focus on specific aspects and you’re limited by a number of pages. Try to keep it short and relevant, don’t go over 2 pages.
  • Change the tone: A resume is a formal document and your tone should reflect that. Eliminate colloquial phrasings and avoid using first person pronouns — heck, you can even opt to remove all personal pronouns.  
  • Edit your summary: Majority of LinkedIn summaries are far too long for a resume. Keep your profile 2-5 bullet points long, 3 being the sweet spot. 
  • Reduce the skills section: Unlike a LinkedIn profile, a resume doesn’t need the 30 skills you added for SEO purposes. Jot down only the most relevant ones. 3-6 should be more then enough. 
  • Change your keyword optimization: While a LinkedIn profile uses keywords that speak the language of a career field, a resume should speak with the language of the prospect job or company.

Benefits of using the resume builder

As we all know it’s a bit tricky to keep your LinkedIn profile and resume completely synched. On top of that, it’s a slog to have to update stuff in two places. You can easily change the template, style and decide exactly what goes up on the resume as opposed to the LinkedIn profile.

You can choose to share the resume straight from the application or you can set it to private. Finally, you can download your new CV as a PDF and email or print.

How does the resume creator work?

Very simple. First off make sure you are logged in to LinkedIn. Then click on to the LinkedIn resume tool and sign in with your LinkedIn passport. The next thing you know you’ll have an auto-generated CV which mirrors all the information on your LinkedIn profile. This obviously means that the better that’s been filled in, the better the CV.

5 Key WaysYourResume LinkedIn Profile Differ:

  • In broad marketing terms, your LinkedIn profile acts as your brand lift / top of funnel awareness tool, whereas your resume tends to be a conversion / lead generation instrument.
  • Similarly, your motivations, what you’re like to work with, and your guiding professional philosophy – all essential inclusions on your LinkedIn profile – are space-wasters on your resume.
  • Tone-wise, your resume is an invitation to tea at Buckingham Palace, whereas your LinkedIn profile is an invitation to a networking BBQ: decidedly more casual in tone, but still professional.

Easy LinkedIn Profile Import

VisualCV’s import tool uses the same resume parsing technology as many top companies worldwide, so you can be sure that you get the most accurate LinkedIn profile import currently available!

Import from LinkedIn

How to use LinkedIn’s resume builder

To build your resume on LinkedIn, go to your profile by clicking the Me button in the top bar next to your Notifications, and hitting View Profile.


Screenshot: Pranay Parab

Once your profile is open, click More below your name, description, and location. This will open a drop-down menu where you can select Build a resume.


Screenshot: Pranay Parab

LinkedIn will allow you to either upload a resume you’ve already created or build one from your profile. Click Create from profile to start generating your resume. This is when LinkedIn asks for the title of the job that you’re applying for, so that it can suggest relevant keywords. Type the job title and click Apply.


Screenshot: Pranay Parab

You’ll now see a preview of your LinkedIn-generated resume. The right pane will show information on matching keywords found in your profile and suggested keywords that you could consider including. In the left pane, you’ll see a pencil icon next to each section in your resume. Just click the pencil to start editing. Most people would be looking for some brevity to make the resume fit on one page, which is fairly easy.


Screenshot: Pranay Parab

To check if your resume fits on a single page, click the Preview button on top for a good idea of how your resume looks. Feel free to keep tweaking it until you’re satisfied, and then click More and select Download as PDF to save your resume to your computer.


Bonus: Klaxos

Klaxos relies on a team of experienced resume and LinkedIn experts to serve clients in over 30 countries. The company can assist workers from almost every industry.

Unlike most of its competitors, Klaxos has different payment plans depending on experience.

The main shortcoming here is that the company doesn’t support a one-on-one phone consultation, making instant communication with the writer almost impossible.

Overall Cost: $$$ | Reviews: 4 / 5 | Turnaround: 2-4 Business Days

Should you add your resume to LinkedIn?

While it can be nice to have a polished version of your resume available on LinkedIn, we don’t recommend uploading your resume for two reasons.

First, depending on your privacy settings, your resume is available for anyone on LinkedIn to view and download. It’s important to be careful when sharing personal information, such as your name and address.

Second, LinkedIn already shows your work history. Adding your resume on top of your profile is unnecessary and leaves employers with a lot of redundant information.

However, uploading a targeted resume using “Apply easily” is a great way to use the LinkedIn platform to its fullest.

If you decide to upload your resume to LinkedIn, you can do so on your computer or by using LinkedIn Android and iPhone apps.

The Importance of LinkedIn Social Profile Writing

In the modern world, building your brand and establishing strong professional relationships is vital to successful career development. Certainly, the best social platform for that is LinkedIn. More and more recruiters and hiring managers professionals are registering on this social network to quickly find the right candidates.

Your LinkedIn profile allows you to tell about your bio, ambitions, and personal brand while bypassing the limitations of a typical resume. It also serves as a business calling card by which other users decide whether to add you to their professional network.

According to statistics, this social network already has 756 million users in 200 countries. You have every chance of getting a job through LinkedIn, where 3 people are hired every minute. Bearing in mind these factors, it is worth considering creating a quality page on LinkedIn.

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