Landmarks of New York

freedom tower

Among the many skyscrapers, the Freedom Tower is the city record holder. Its height, taking into account the spire, is 541 meters. Such an ambitious project, designed to show the world the power and greatness of America, was not conceived by chance. After all, the skyscraper was not installed anywhere, but on the site of the twin towers destroyed by terrorists in September 2001. Today, the Freedom Tower is a huge shopping and office center, in which there was a place for tourists.

Tours are held daily, except September 11th. This day is considered mourning. An exciting adventure begins with an elevator ride to the 102nd floor. During the trip, a short video with the best New York panoramas is shown. Guests can watch its continuation upon arrival at the See Forever Theatre.

After the end of the film, the screen effectively lowers and an impressive, bewitching view appears before the guests. True, through the glass. There are no open viewing platforms on the Freedom Tower. The 101st and 100th floors are also at the disposal of tourists. On one of them there are souvenir shops, on the other – cafes and restaurants. True, the prices here are somewhat overpriced, but the opportunity to drink a cocktail, having risen above New York, is worth it.

The security service conducts an inspection of each visitor. Finding the Tower is easy. It is enough to get to the World Trade Center metro station on line E and it is simply impossible to get lost further. An unusual futuristic skyscraper made of glass and concrete is visible from afar.

Woolworth Building

The Woolworth Building is one of the oldest and most amazing skyscrapers in the world. Usually they are associated with glass and concrete, and here is a Gothic structure, the top of which rushes into the clouds. It is because of its unusual architecture that the skyscraper received a second, unofficial name – the Cathedral of Commerce. The skyscraper was built in 1913 by American entrepreneur Frank Woolworth. It’s hard to believe, but he began his dizzying financial rise from the position of an ordinary salesman.

Moreover, being naturally shy and shy, he always shied away, naming the price, and eventually decided to write it on a piece of paper. And he put all sorts of little things in a box and sold them for 5 cents. In fact, it was he who became the founder of Fix Prace stores and made an almost fantastic fortune on them. After all, building the tallest skyscraper at that time was not just anywhere, but on Broadway – it’s not just like that!

Not surprisingly, being a wealthy citizen, Woolworth was able to take care not only of the exterior, but also of the interior of the building. Until 2001, when the terrorist attack happened, guests could visit almost any room and appreciate their charm. Today it is impossible to do this, access is closed for security reasons. The Woolworth Building is located near City Hall and Park Place tube stations. You can enjoy its architecture at any time of the day or night. But look at the few rooms available for inspection inside – according to the schedule of the shopping center.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Here is the largest art collection not only in the United States, but throughout the world. It is interesting that for the most part these are not public, but private collections, and the museum itself “lives” mainly on sponsors, and not on the treasury of the United States.

All exhibits are divided into several sections. Traditionally, the most popular is dedicated to American art, but others also deserve attention. Art lovers will certainly be surprised by the collection of paintings by Renoir, as well as other world-famous impressionists. Special pride – the work of the portrait painter Jan Vermeer. Of the 40 surviving paintings, 5 are in the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Those who are more attracted to contemporary art will certainly be interested in the halls dedicated to photography. Most of the works exhibited here are made by famous American photographers. You can get to the museum by metro or taxi. The first method is cheaper, the second is more convenient. As for entrance tickets, this moment will surely be a pleasant surprise for tourists.

Not only are they interesting badges that you can take away as a keepsake, but also the cost is not regulated – everyone can pay as much as they think is necessary and possible, even one cent. True, the queues at the box office are always impressive – there are enough people who want to get acquainted with American and not only art.

Metropolitan Opera

One of the most famous opera venues in the world. Over the years, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and many other famous personalities performed on its stage. It is interesting that the building in which the theater is located today and which is associated with tourists was built not so long ago, in 1966. And the troupe itself from 1880 until that time “lived” on Broadway.

Tourists who are lucky enough to get inside will surely be amazed by the luxury of decoration. The frescoes on the walls are painted by Marc Chagall himself, and the curtain of the main stage is decorated with real silk embroidery. In total, the opera hall can accommodate 3900 spectators. Despite its huge size, it boasts excellent acoustics, which have been repeatedly appreciated by world opera stars.

Those wishing not only to look at the opera building inside or outside, but also to attend the performance, will have to take care of tickets in advance. Although they take place almost daily, from September to April, they almost always attract a full house. The cost of a ticket can vary from several tens of dollars to several thousand, depending on the chosen place and the “prescription” of the production.

You can get there by subway, it is located near Lincoln Street Station. Coming out of the subway and not seeing the famous building, you should not be upset, it is located somewhat “deeper” and you can only notice it when you come closer.


Today, there are museums of contemporary art in many cities, but MoMA is the first and, perhaps, one of the most interesting in the world. It owes its creation to the wife of the famous millionaire Rockefeller, which also explains the location next to the business center of the same name.

It’s hard to believe, but the modern futuristic building, which in itself can be considered the main architectural exhibit of the museum, appeared only in 2004 thanks to the Japanese architect Yoshi Taniguchi. The exposition itself for a long time was located in completely different halls, although nowadays it seems to be absolutely inseparable from its “home”.

Each of the floors is dedicated to a certain period of contemporary art. In order not to break the chronological chain, it is best to start your acquaintance from the sixth floor, where temporary exhibitions of famous and not so famous artists, sculptors, architects are held. Below, on the fifth, is the period covering the years 1880-1940 in art. Here you can enjoy the creations of Picasso, Van Gogh, Malevich and many other brilliant artists.

The fourth floor is dedicated to painting of a later period – 1940-70s are represented by such masters as Rothko, Andy Warhol and their other associates. On the third floor are architectural masterpieces, including the creations of the famous Spaniard Antonio Gaudi.

And, finally, the works of our contemporaries are presented on the second floor. The first floor deserves special attention. The beautiful open-air sculpture garden can rightfully be considered the most visited exposition. Also included in the price of the entrance ticket is a visit to the cinema, located underground. On its screen, as a rule, historical and popular science films are shown.

The museum is located near the Fifth Avenue subway station. You can visit any day from 10-30 to 17-30, on Fridays until 20-00.

Fifth Avenue

Main street and city symbol. Tourists, having arrived in the city, go here in the first place, just like in Paris to the Champs Elysees, and in Moscow – to the Arbat. Fifth Avenue is located in the central part of Manhattan and is famous for its boutiques and shopping centers. Signboards with brands known all over the world are full here at every turn. The street becomes especially busy during the sales period.

However, to say that only shoppers go to Fifth Avenue would be completely unfair. It also attracts connoisseurs of art – there are more than ten world-famous museums, including the Metropolitan and the city of New York.

Fifth Avenue is also interesting for its architectural masterpieces. First of all, the attention of tourists is attracted by the building of the Guggenheim Museum – futuristic, bright and unusual. It is impossible to pass by one of the symbols – the Empire State Building, included in the list of modern seven wonders of the world.

Surprising as it may seem, but among the buildings of glass and concrete rushing to the sky there is a place for Gothic cathedrals and churches. One of the most popular is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Getting to Fifth Avenue is very simple – just get off at the subway station of the same name. The main street welcomes guests at any time of the day or night.

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is considered the main symbol of the United States of America. Many factors contribute to strengthening such fame, including cinema – in many films, fragments about the country begin with it. Today it is hard to believe, but the author of the statue is not an American, but a Frenchman. And the monument itself is a gift from a European country, symbolizing the independence and independence of America. It is even more difficult to believe that the sculpture could be installed between the Red and Mediterranean Seas, on the Suez Canal. Fortunately, the last project was not destined to become a reality.

Today, the Statue of Liberty attracts thousands of tourists every day. Inside there is a small museum that tells about the history of America and the period of gaining independence by the country. However, the most popular among guests is the observation deck, which offers stunning views. True, you have to climb on foot – there are no elevators.

You can visit the Statue of Liberty itself for free, but in order to get to it you will have to buy a ferry ticket. Treasured boats depart from the city marinas – Battery Park, in the Manhattan area, or Liberty Park. By the way, it is worth looking at the statue not only during the day, but also at night.

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