Season in the UAE – when is the best time to relax

The United Arab Emirates (hereinafter referred to as the UAE) is one of the richest countries in the Middle East. Washed by the warm waters of the Ottoman and Persian Gulfs, this eastern state, thanks to its large oil reserves, not only lives off the income from natural resources, but actively invests them in the development of the tourism industry. For several decades, starting from the 70s of the XX century, the UAE has embodied a real oriental fairy tale.

A variety of different types of recreation in the city allows you to attract tourists all year round. However, do not rush to pack your bags, there are months when visiting Dubai will be the most comfortable and less expensive. More on this later in our article.

Climate features

The UAE is located in the subtropical climate zone. It is always warm here, even in January, when frost is fierce in Russia. The average winter temperature in Dubai is +23°C +25°C. However, it is very hot in summer. The air temperature reaches +50°C. And, despite numerous air conditioners and other technical innovations, summer cannot be called a comfortable time of the year in the city. Even some local residents often leave the country during this period. Add possible desert storms, occasional rainfall to the heat, and you will not want to go to the country during the summer months at all.

Weather in the UAE by months

The best time to visit Dubai is from October to May. But here, too, there are a number of peculiarities.


The air temperature in the first month of winter during the day in the city is +22°С +23°С, at night it drops to +17°С +18°С.

Cons for tourists Evenings in the city are cool, you even have to put on a light jacket. Sea water in January warms up to a maximum of + 22 ° С. Therefore, if you are not a seasoned traveler, swimming can bring you discomfort. In addition, you should not buy a ticket to Dubai for the New Year, when the price is much higher.

Benefits for tourists. On other days of January, taking into account the fact that demand is declining, you can buy a vacation ticket to Dubai with big discounts.


The air temperature in the city during the day is +24°С +25°С, at night everything is also up to +17°С +18°С.

Cons for tourists Until the third decade of February, the water temperature in the sea remains relatively cool – up to a maximum of + 22 ° C, which can be a problem for certain categories of travelers.

Benefits for tourists. By the end of February, the water begins to warm up faster, daylight hours lengthen to 11 hours. At the same time, the price of tour operators is not yet at its peak. Therefore, given the mildness of the climate, it is the last days of February that are most suitable for recreation, especially for tourists with children.


The air temperature in the city during the day rises to +26°С, the temperature at night – up to +19°С +20°С. In March, it rains for several days and the humidity rises.

Cons for tourists An ideal month for a holiday in Dubai, but the prices for tourist packages are already sold without discounts. At sea, you should already be wary of overheating and burns, as well as competition for places on the beaches. In March, a large number of guests in the city.

Benefits for tourists. Beautiful summer weather, which is suitable for children and adults. The water in the sea warms up to +24°С. If there is no goal to save money, swim, enjoy, live.


Subtropics take their toll. Air temperature during the day – from + 32 ° С, at night + 20 ° С.

Cons for tourists The high season involves a large number of vacationers and an influx of tourists. In the middle of the day it is better not to sunbathe, otherwise there may be health problems. And, of course, the amount for the rest will unpleasantly surprise you.

Benefits for tourists. Summer is in full swing. The sea warms up to +26°C. If you came for a good tan, this is the perfect time.


The air temperature rises and reaches +38°С during the day and +20°С at night.

Cons for tourists The high season is coming to an end, but there are still many tourists. Very hot already for children and the elderly.

Benefits for tourists. You can not leave the water, it does not have time to cool down. The water temperature is +28°С. At the end of May, for those who want to save money, there is such an opportunity, a period of price reduction begins.


The air temperature in the city during the day is +37°С +39°С, at night everything is also up to +28°С +30°С.

Cons for tourists You can’t hide from the scorching sun, even warm sea water will not help. No activity is to be expected. It is better to completely abandon a trip to Dubai in the summer.

A plus for tourists. Tour price. But it will not please you in such heat, believe me.


The air temperature in the city during the day is +41°С +42°С, at night +30°С. Water temperature +29 °С.

Cons for tourists The whole stay is one big minus, unless you are accompanied by several air conditioners. Breathing is very difficult.

A plus for tourists. Everything is also the price , but the rest is still not happy.


The hot summer is at its peak. The air temperature does not decrease and on some days it reaches +50°С.

Cons for tourists In the summer, even the locals leave Dubai. It’s a health issue, and it’s common for tourists to get sunstroke.

A plus for tourists. Ticket prices are low but not worth the trip.


The heat is starting to subside, but still not comfortable. The average daytime temperature is +38°С.

Cons for tourists It is still very hot and dangerous to health. The water in the sea does not save from the heat.

A plus for tourists. The low season continues, the price is small, and at the end of the month, adult citizens can take a chance and go.


The heat is losing ground, and the “velvet season” is approaching again. The air temperature in Dubai is +35°C. The water temperature in the sea is +27°С.

Cons for tourists It is not worth going with children and elderly parents until the end of the third decade. There are no rainy days at all.

Benefits for tourists. At the end of the month, the ideal time for tourism in Dubai returns. But prices are just starting to rise. A good option for those who want to relax and save money.


Daytime air temperature in the city is +30°С, water temperature is +25°С.

Cons for tourists The high season is coming again, prices are reaching their maximum. Lots of tourists on the beaches.

Benefits for tourists. Comfortable weather and comfortable rest, it becomes cool in the evenings and you can safely walk along the streets of the city.


The air temperature drops to +24°C, but the water is still warm – an average of +25°C. The summer day is still long.

Cons for tourists The high season is in full swing. Prices are not encouraging yet, especially closer to the New Year holidays, when they reach their peak.

Benefits for tourists. Rest comfortably, breathe easily. You can combine active and beach holidays.

Water temperature in the resorts of the United Arab Emirates

 JanFebmarAprMayjunejulyaugseptoctbut Idec
Abu Dhabi19eighteen23272727293227272524

Rules that are important at any time of the year

Whatever choice you make, remember that, despite the European canons of service, you are going to a Muslim country. Therefore, in order not to spoil your vacation, follow the following important rules:

  • do not wear beachwear outside the territory of your hotels;
  • do not sunbathe on the beaches of Dubai “topless”;
  • when traveling around the city, women must sit in the back seat of a car with a taxi badge;
  • do not appear intoxicated in public places;
  • behave decently, in Dubai, as well as throughout the country, public kisses or hugs are not welcome;
  • do not give in to excitement, such games are banned here;
  • do not take pictures of local women, sheikhs’ palaces, military installations and government institutions;
  • entering the mosque, you need to take off your shoes;
  • it is better for women to be in public places with their heads covered;
  • carefully study the rules for importing medicines into the country;
  • alcohol can only be drunk in your hotel room;
  • during the holy month of Ramadan, plan your trips to shops and restaurants in advance, study their opening hours.

Only if you follow all these rules, and by choosing the best period to visit the country, you will remember a trip to the capital of the UAE and fill your life with pleasant impressions.

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