What to take with you on vacation at sea – a list of things

Most people in the summer prefer to go on vacation to the sea to get the missing portion of vitamin D and soak up the warm sea waves.

To make your vacation as comfortable as possible, it is important to properly prepare for it and always have the necessary things at hand. What do you need to take with you when going to the sea? Let’s start with the main one.

The documents

If you are traveling in Russia – a Russian passport and  a birth certificate for minor children. You also need to have a CHI policy with you – it guarantees you free medical care throughout our country.

To travel abroad – a passport and also a birth certificate for children, since it is this document that confirms your relationship with the child. Without a birth certificate, you may not be allowed through at passport control.It makes sense to take a photo of all documents on the phone in case of loss, as well as their photocopies (in case the phone is lost along with the documents). Here, as they say, it is better to play it safe.

Another important document for traveling abroad is insurance . If you are traveling on a ticket purchased from a tour operator, then insurance is already included in the tour price. However, it should be remembered that tour operators are trying to save money, so they usually offer an insurance policy with a deductible. This means that in the event of an insured event, you will have to pay extra to use the services of an insurance company. Be sure to check the amount of the surcharge with the operator. This amount must be set aside as an emergency reserve for the entire duration of the trip.

If you are traveling on your own, you will have to take care of the insurance yourself. Most major insurance companies now provide the opportunity to issue an insurance policy remotely. So you don’t even have to visit the office of the company: you just go to their website, select the insurance options that you need and pay for the service with a credit card. The insurance policy will be sent to your email.

Tickets There is no need to have air tickets on hand now – at the airport, when registering for a flight, it is enough to present a passport. But it’s better to check in online in advance on the airline’s website – this will save you time at the airport and guarantee that you will be seated next to those who travel with you.

Booking confirmation. When booking a hotel or apartment, you will receive a voucher for hotel check-in or a booking confirmation. It is better to have them both in printed form and on your e-mail, so that you can print them in case of loss. These documents guarantee your settlement.

You will need a driver’s license if you plan to rent a car. For road trips abroad, you will have to additionally issue an international driving license . It is better to take care of this in advance.

Documents on the road
Necessarily:May be useful:
passport (Russian or foreign)documents for the child (birth certificate / passport / consent to travel abroad if the child is without parents)credit cardcashmedical insuranceplane, train ticketsvoucher (hotel reservation)driver’s licensecopies of documents

And one more advice concerning documents. They should be stored so that they are always at hand and at the same time so that you do not lose them. Now special small bags for documents are sold that can be hung around the neck or attached to the belt. Often manufacturers make these accessories from waterproof materials, which guarantees even greater safety of your papers.


It is best to have with you not only a credit card , but also some cash , since not everywhere it is possible to pay by bank transfer, and the right ATM may also not be nearby.

If you are traveling to another country, it is better to take cash in foreign currency and preferably in small denominations. For example, if you pay in Turkey with a large banknote of 50 euros, you will be given change in Turkish lira and, most likely, at a not very favorable rate. It is also not recommended to pay with credit cards in bazaars and markets – a much larger amount can be withdrawn from the card (you are told the cost of goods in local currency, and the same amount is withdrawn, but in dollars or euros).

Another nuance regarding the use of credit cards abroad. Visa payment system cards are pegged to the dollar. If you are traveling to a country where dollars are the currency, it is optimal to pay with just such a credit card. A MasterCard card can be tied to both the dollar and the euro (this must be clarified with your bank). Why do you need this information? If you pay with a Visa card in a country where the main currency is the euro, then the price of the goods is first converted from euros to dollars, and then to rubles. There is a double conversion, which increases the cost. Therefore, in Europe it is more profitable to use a card pegged to the euro, and in America – to the dollar.


It all depends on how you plan to spend most of your time on vacation. If you are not going to leave the territory of the hotel and you only want to swim and sunbathe, focus on what you need for this. Swimwear should be at least two (preferably more). It is good for a woman to have a beach dress or pareo with her. You can do both – these things take up a minimum of space in your luggage, but they will add comfort to you. Thanks to such wardrobe items, you don’t have to change clothes completely to go from the beach to a bar or hotel lobby. For men, swim shorts are a great choice – just put on a t-shirt on top, and you already have a pretty decent look to visit a store or bar without hesitation.

If you are going to play sports during your holidays, of course, you will need a set of sportswear and a pair of sports shoes.

It is also worth taking something smart with you – for an evening visit to the restaurant.

Depending on whether you will use the laundry service, you need to calculate the number of sets of underwear and clothes. If you don’t have the opportunity to do laundry on vacation, you will need to take more things with you.

For relaxation in a hot climate, loose-fitting clothing made from natural fabrics is best suited – it is easier to tolerate the heat in it. It is also very important to have at least one thing with you that covers your shoulders and arms up to the elbow. Most often, it is the shoulders that burn out in the sun, and if such a nuisance happens, you can cover the affected areas with clothes.

It is very important to think about how to dress on the road. It should be comfortable, not too wrinkled clothes. If you are flying from a cool climate to a hot one, consider taking something off upon arrival (that is, it is advisable to wear a light T-shirt under a jacket, jacket or sweater).


You will need a pair of shoes for going to the beach: slates , flip- flops or beautiful soap dishes (there are many options now). If the beach is pebbly, be sure to bring coral slippers . They will help you avoid injury. It is better to buy them at home, so as not to waste time on vacation.

For excursions, comfortable, proven shoes are useful, preferably sports shoes. It is also worth having one pair of shoes for going out – it is better if they are light sandals with low heels. A good option for light shoes for going out for men is moccasins . If you don’t like to walk barefoot at home, bring home slippers – not all hotels give guests disposable ones.

Headwear and sunglasses

In a hot climate, these are not just accessories – these are items that will help you maintain health and well-being on vacation. The ideal choice for women is a wide- brimmed hat or panama hat . This hat will protect you from sunstroke and your face from sunburn. For men, light-colored cotton bandanas or a baseball cap are suitable.

Glasses should not only be dark, but also have UV protection. For hot countries, glasses with a protection index number 4 are optimal.

first aid kit

Even if you have taken out the most expensive health insurance, some medicines are better to have on hand.

  • Allergy remedies – both for oral and external use. Unfortunately, no one is immune from allergies.
  • Painkillers and  antipyretics .
  • Absorbents . In case of indigestion (which often happens in countries with a hot climate) or poisoning, absorbents are very useful – they will also help with a hangover. Modern absorbents are available in different forms: powders, tablets, gels. Choose what suits you.
  • Bandage, bactericidal plaster and  wound disinfectant . Usually these things are in hotels and local pharmacies, but it is better to have your own, because they may be needed at the most unexpected moment.
  • Anti-cold (from SARS) . Since it is easy to catch a cold under the air conditioner, nasal rinses and gargles will not be superfluous.
  • Eye and ear drops. Sea water can stuff your ears.


The main must-have of your cosmetic bag when traveling to the sea is sunscreen and  lip balm with a high SPF factor . It is better for women to have a separate tube of cream for the face, which will combine skin care properties and sun protection. The protection factor of such a cream should not be lower than 30 – it will help you avoid not only burns, but also age spots.

It’s also important to have a burn medication with you in case you do get burned. It can be “Rescuer”, “Panthenol”, “Dexpanthenol” or a gel with a high percentage of aloe juice.

Given modern realities, it will not be superfluous to take an antiseptic and  antibacterial wet wipes with you .

The rest of the cosmetics that you constantly use (creams, lotions, washing gels) are best poured / transferred into small jars and bottles that can be purchased at cosmetics stores. Some reputable cosmetic companies are now making soap-shaped shampoos – great for traveling, this shampoo definitely won’t spill in your suitcase.

If you are traveling with children (list)

For young children who have not yet eaten from the common table and cannot yet use the potty, it is worth taking baby food and diapers with you, at least for the first few days. This will increase the weight of the luggage, but will give you time to find everything you need on the spot. After all, in the nearest stores there may not be what your baby needs.

Things for a baby from 0 to 3 years:

  • baby food (cereals, milk formulas);
  • diapers;
  • baby wipes;
  • bibs;
  • bottle;
  • nipple (+ spare);
  • panama hat and sunscreen from 50 SPF +;
  • pot (toilet pad or folding);
  • insect repellent;
  • light stroller, sling;
  • warm clothes for cool evenings;
  • children’s diapers for swimming in the pool.

What to take for children to the beach:

  • headdress;
  • children’s sunglasses;
  • children’s sunscreen from 50 SPF +;
  • inflatable pool;
  • sleeves or life jacket;
  • a set of toys for the beach (shovel for sand, molds, bucket, inflatable ball);
  • bottle of water, snack;
  • sun umbrella, children’s tent;
  • spare swimwear.

There is an opinion that travel is “the best way to gain life experience without acquiring wrinkles.” We hope that our advice will help make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

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